Tuesday Morning Friar Lawrence’s cell.   Frair lawrence gives instructions to juliet for a position to make it look like she was dead while still keeping her alive. She would go home being okay with the marriage of her and Paris then take the drink. When Paris comes to get her on the wedding day […]

Tuesday morning Juliet’s bedroom. After Romeo and Juliet spend the night together, Juliet notices her mother is coming so gets Romeo to jump down of the balcony. She sees a vision of Romeo in his death bed. Juliet is arguing with her parents about marrying Paris. Her father explains how Paris is an ideal, but […]

Capulet house Late monday night   Capulet, Paris, and Lady Capulet discuss how the are going to get juliet to marry Paris. Capulet says he will make her, as he i her father and she will listen to him. He tells Lady Capulet to go tell Juliet that she has to marry Paris on Thursday, […]

Friar Lawrence Monday Night Friar Lawrence is asking Romeo to follow the orders of the Prince’s orders, to leave the city. The nurse comes to Friar Lawrence’s cell because she fears the suicide of Juliet. She demands to see Romeo, and manages to organize for Romeo to meet with Juliet for a night before they […]

Capulets house. Monday night.   Nurse tells juliet about the bad news of her cousin, Tybalt’s death and the banishment of Romeo. At first Juliet is angry at Romeo but as Nurse starts to talk bad about Romeo too, she changes sides and defends him. Nurse is upset at first that Juliet defends Romeo at […]

In public Afternoon Mercutio and Benvolio are talking. Benvolio say how eager he is to fight, because he is known to being a good fighter. Tybalt and other members of the Capulet comes along and asked where Romeo is. When Romeo comes, tybalt asked if he us wanting to fight, romeo refuses to fight, as […]

Charters: Romeo, Nurse, Peter, Benvolio, and Mercutio Monday, mid-day On a street. Tybalt sends a letter challenging Romeo to a duel. Then Mercutio and Benvolio were talking themselves up to each other. Romeo came and nurse followed shortly after to ask if Romeo was really going to marry Juliet. Romeo analogies that he will marry […]