2nd May 2017

Act 3 scene 5

Tuesday morning

Juliet’s bedroom.

After Romeo and Juliet spend the night together, Juliet notices her mother is coming so gets Romeo to jump down of the balcony. She sees a vision of Romeo in his death bed. Juliet is arguing with her parents about marrying Paris. Her father explains how Paris is an ideal, but Juliet still insists on not marrying Paris. Her father then says that she has to marry paris this thursday or she will be banished from the Capulet house. Her Mother aggress with her father so Juliet turns to her nurse and asks what she think’s and if it is not positive she will kill herself. Her nurse thinks on the spot and say that she should just Marry Paris.

Juliet says if she doesn’t get her own way she could just kill herself. “If all else fail, have power to die.”

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