12th June 2018



At the beginning of the novel, Nick describes himself as a nonjudgmental person and promised us he will only tell us the truth and how it is. This is not true as his main roll in the book is to judge people and twist what people say to please himself. This is the illusion of Truth, which is large in this book as there are many lies and story that go on and the reader could also take parts of the story differently than someone else.

Throughout the whole novel, we discover more pieces to Gatsby’s life story, true or false, these “facts” are never shut down by Gatsby which allows his whole persona to become an illusion. Gatsby is often compared to the outrageousness and success of the New York City’s illusion. “Anything can happen now that we’ve slid over this bridge…Even Gatsby could happen.”

New York City:
From the beginning of New York City’s success, it has been looked at as not only a successful city but also a successor of The American Dream. People look at it as an opportunity but as many of the citizens run the valley of ashes realised, it’s not as easy as moving there to succeed The Dream. This illusion has been supported by many people who have made their wealth there, but in reality it has became an idealistic place that is not even really true.

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